Mike Bryson

Mike is REALLY FAMOUS..no…REALLY..he’s fabulously famous
for his fantastic caricatures, and satirical and comic illustrations..
His team caricatures hang in the offices of absolutely huge massive mega big companies.. Like JP Morgan . Barclays, Glaxo Smith Klein, Astra Zeneca, KPMG, Diageo, IBM, Four Seasons hotels, the BBC, and Saint Gobain, Oh, and The Army and the Navy have commissioned a few too.

He’s illustrated children’s books, brochures, album sleeves, book jackets, billboards, concert promotions, t shirts, greetings cards and loo rolls. His comic illustrations have been used for magazine articles, advertising, marketing projects, and product visualisation, for the likes of PGI, Cadburys, PZ Cussons, BOC, and NHS UK and New Zealand.

Mike takes bookings to go out to corporate events, and exhibition stands where he’ll draw folk live and on the spot.. He’s done that all over the UK and abroad for the likes of Nike, Coca Cola, Asda, Ikea, BA systems, Halifax PLC, Merck, and Rolls Royce.. OK thats enough name dropping.. but suffice to say his work has kept him gainfully employed now for enough years to grow a very very long beard.

Not that he has one, just stubble occasionally from working all night to meet a deadline, and he always, ALWAYS meets your deadline.

Website: www.drawnbymike.com | Twitter: www.twitter.com/francartoons | Facebook: www.facebook.com/drawnbymike